Coronavirus cases in school-age children increase by more than 40% in past week

The total number of school aged children testing positive for Covid-19 rose by more than 40% in seven days, figures reveal.

Statistics released by Public Health Scotland show that as of September 27, there were a total of 909 children aged between five and 17 who had tested positive for the virus since the start of the outbreak.

This was an increase of 43% from the previous week, when the figure was 632.

The figures show that for the week ending September 27, there were 219 positive cases for children aged between 12-17. For those aged between five and 11, this figure was 34.

The public health figures also revealed that in the same period, there were just six positive cases of the virus detected in pre-school children aged between two and four.

A total of 80 children aged two and four have tested positive for the virus since the start of the pandemic.

Older children were more likely to test positive for the virus, with 11% of those aged between 12-17 who were tested receiving a positive result.

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For those aged between 5 and 11, this figure was just two percent. Less than one percent of children aged between two and four tested positive for the virus.

Of all those tested between the ages of two and 17 in the week to September 27, 6% were positive. This is an increase from 2.4% the previous week.

The statistics on the number of children who have tested positive for Covid-19 is provided in Public Health Scotland’s weekly update.

This week’s figures come as a number of positive cases linked to schools in Tayside and Fife were announced in the past few days.

Individuals with links to Kirkcaldy High School, Woodmill and Queen Anne high school’s in Fife have all tested positive for Covid-19 this week.

Grove Academy in Dundee has also seen a positive case case of the virus.

Aberdour Primary, Pitreavie Primary and Leslie Primary schools – also all in Fife – have also been hit with positive cases since Monday.

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